Henning—Anderson specializes in garden design.

As experienced and professionally licensed Landscape Architects (CA #1951) and Landscape Contractors (CA #548948) we emphasize a design/build approach to our work. Gardens are living, evolving organisms and we find that this artisan-like process serves clients most efficiently and reliably produces a finely crafted, unique and personalized result.

We seek design solutions that are appropriate—horticulturally and aesthetically—to each context we encounter, without adherence to a particular style or trend.

We also strive to maximize the environmental efficiency of a project, seeking low-water use solutions, creative recycling of on-site materials, low-impact construction and manageable maintenance requirements.

We work at all scales, from estate gardens—on sites upwards of 250 acres with wild meadows, great bosques of trees and fields of native grasses—to small urban courtyards or streetside gardens that may measure just hundreds of square feet.

Since 1993, our Oakland-based practice has completed projects throughout Northern California and occasionally beyond, though our primary focus continues to be the greater San Francisco Bay Area. 

We believe that gardens provide unique settings for pleasure, especially as serene oases from the fast pace of modern life. They allow quiet access to beauty and nature, even as they may facilitate active use and play.

We encourage you to give us a call.

Henning–Anderson has been featured in local and national publications and has received many awards and accolades, with a cumulative six Awards of Excellence in the last six biannual Sunset Western Garden Design Competitions.

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